my dog wants food
my dog wants fed
my dog wants more than I am willing to deliver



and my anaesthetist
the creep opens an account

the science of how things are unknown via the senses
being dead I have no need for hands

and an

might have snatched them
I am halving fun in order to double my pleasure

in an amphitheatre to keep it surgical
nor a wristwatch and anaesthetized sis it's

it's my elbow anyway and it isn't numb
the anesthesiologist

the creep coming with a compound narcotic hiss
not to kill but only to deaden

being dead says
I have no need for hands

by accident he
the an├Žstheticist doesn't remember

having grabbed at a ratchet and anyway it
dismemberment isn't his job


the creep
my anesthesiologist and his creepy mother

separated from verb by comma plus,
who needs her prayers

two is it it isn't as if I concur with
his stupid god prior to surgery

and plus his breath smells
putrid it's


act fact serene crackup and a list
of personal injuries

bike wreck at the end of own driveway
slick right turn too swift in the rain

rear wheel locked
right hand holding mail

improper grip on steering imbalance shoves left hand ahead
though leaning right

into the turn
bike flips left over its own rear wheel skid

slams left hip and shoulder into pavement
left side of head on the end of a thoracic whip

rebounds with considerable thwap
tearing right sternocleidomastoid in futile effort

to hold the head up
and resulting in several left bony abrasions

not to mention ruining
the bicycle seat

scene three
picture imperfect

something so sharp
this place wounded

simple past or past

maybe both
has anyone anything

to add

phillips and flat

view image
a noticeable lack

of police presence
prior to and

the dismemberment

view image

a pedophile by the name of snake
takes charge of the murder investigation

he has his suspicions
whatever the cops know

they aren't saying
or so says officer riddle

his real name
no definite leads on the homicide

[first off peep that cause of death is known
and was even intended]

the murder of a woman whose body parts
were found near or [sic] in the French Broad River

since these parts were found in both places
head in the river hands in a curbside storm drain

where the road deadends into a set of concrete steps
about 75 yards north of where this gets written

[any] rumors that [the cops] have found more body parts
aren't true

most of which remain

if anyone anyway sees what appears to be johns cruising have them call APD
who seek especially a couple of white males possibly in pick up trucks

this is just to interview not necessarily suspect with
or without tattoos

leading one might easily suppose to an exponential proliferation of
further possibilities


this in a diminishing light
I am too much attached to

whether or not I have money

and at night in the darkness I puzzle
over the sound of a distant machine

my life is defined by such constant sounds
it goes on without

me and within
some trains

sound more pleasant
than others and

I take pleasure in describing the weather
as nil


can't verbalize tomorrow
as that

as that
it's 'still' within


this is a shadow of an idea left unspoken
I would like to remember a woman I never knew

[   ]         is the photo
it isn't hers

[this]         is its caption

of the storm drain missing its grate
the severed limbs left to imagine

down the rectagluar sinkhole
and between the pipes

incoming out
going seepage

by gravity fed
toward the river

isn't meant to be cute

the memorial wreath today
[insert adverb]         trampled.